We bike- you donate!


The Siemens-Executive-Board has once again resumed our starting fees for the ROSE 24-h race in Duisburg – therefor a sincere “Thank You”!

All of the cyclists have therefore decided to donate their share (starting fee / 100 € p.P.) to two different charitable organisations. It’s important to us to support organisations in Duisburg, as well as that the money goes directly and in full amount to the children in need.

Once again we would like to encourage all Siemens-colleagues and –friends to support our sportive dedication with their personal donation for our Charity-Initiative.

How it works:

All the kilometres we bike will be added up. The total amount will then be devided by the number of teams. This average will be multiplied with the amount you have chosen to donate for each km.

  • An example:
    4’er Team 1: 544km
    4’er Team 2: 484,5km
    8’er Team: 501,5 km
  • Total:
    1.527km / 3 Teams
  • Result:
    Average: 509Km * the amount you want to donate for each km: 0,01€ = your donation: 5,09€

We will inform you about the results and your personal payment 2 days after the race. In case you are on vacation, we will gladly accept your payments afterwards.

Of course, you can also donate a fixed amount.

The account below has been created solely for this charity initiative. It will be controlled and monitored by the Siemens works council (location: Duisburg).

For financial reasons a direct debit authorisation is not possible. If you donate more than 50 €, the two organization will gladly issue a donation receipt. As an alternative all Siemens employees working in Duisburg can also hand in cash donations at the office of the Siemens work council.


Recipient: Peter Bongartz

IBAN: DE90500107000001745890

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2011-Bunter-KreisBunter Kreis Duisburg e.V. – Niederrhein und westliches Ruhrgebiet

When a child’s dream comes to a real nightmare, parents are often left completely overwhelmed alone.

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The Association for physical and multiple disabilities e.V. Duisburg (VKM) is committed to people with disabilities and their families.